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5 Reasons to Love Eclectic, Maximalist Style

There are two interior styles that embrace a more bold, energetic aesthetic. Eclectic design is a style that includes many different styles, mixing periods and colors in a haphazard but ultimately refreshing and cohesive manner. Maximalist style is the complete opposite of minimalist style. It is full and vibrant, with a mixture of patterns, colors and styles. Here are five reasons to love eclectic, maximalist style.


If you love color, go ahead and embrace it with eclectic or maximalist style. The adage here is “more is more”. Let color take your rooms to new heights of decorative charm and liveliness. Use bright and bold colors, mix patterns and use contrasts throughout the room to create a vibrant space.


Mix patterns to achieve a look that says “collected” and “lived in”. Vary the scale of patterns and pick up colors from elsewhere in the room to make the look cohesive. Mix stripes with floral, large floral prints with small scale floral prints, geometric with animal prints. This is where scale comes into major focus, so pay close attention when selecting fabrics.

All styles welcome

With both eclectic and maximalist style, mixing old with new is the norm. Vintage pieces intermingled with industrial or modern pieces give a room maximum interest. Take risks and use what you love, whether it’s grandma’s Duncan Phyfe sofa paired with an Ostrich Feather Floor Lamp or a classic wing chair paired with a modern glass-top table topped with industrial pendant lights.


Eclectic spaces are perfect for the artist or creative person who enjoys a place to display a diverse collection of artwork. Eclectic style lets your own creativity shine through. It is a room that feels effortless and put together over time.

No constraints; no rules

The only rule to eclectic or maximalist style is that there are no rules. Of course, for this style to work effectively, some basic elements of design need to come into play. Proportion and scale are still important and will go a long way to balance a room and keep it cohesive.

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