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About us

Our Story

At Guild Manor, we have gathered a team of experienced interior designers with diverse influences and inspirations who are intensely passionate about décor! Our team is uniquely positioned with an understanding of how the right piece of décor can transform your home. This is our Guild

Our Values

Curated by Professional Interior Designers

Our lighting products are handpicked by practicing interior designers, ensuring they meet both aesthetic and functional criteria for your home.

Expert Guidance for Every Purchase

Access to personalized design recommendations and expert advice to help you choose the perfect lighting fixtures for your space.

Quality Assurance

We guarantee the quality and durability of every product, so you can trust that your investment will enhance your home for years to come.

Tailored Lighting Solutions

Our designers provide tailored lighting solutions to match your specific design preferences, making your home truly unique.

Customer-Centric Support

Our customer support team is dedicated to assisting you throughout your purchase journey, from product selection to post-installation support.

Community and Inspiration Hub

Join a community of design enthusiasts and gain inspiration from real-world projects, DIY tips, and trends through our online blog and social media channels.

Turning houses into homes

Every product is handpicked by our in-house interior designers who are passionate about great design and home décor. Our designers are constantly on the hunt for the most interesting products from around the world. You can purchase with confidence knowing you’re getting something that looks great, is practical, and meets the highest standard of quality that any interior designer would want in their own home.

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